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to thank our co-presenters for this evening, cal humanity, as well as our host,e san diego museum of art u and also c-span for recording this event, and the reception will be right outside the doors immediately following the last question. thank you so much for being here. >> i'm rick, and i like the model for being transparent, exposing your methods, but almost professionally, but what would you do or say to somebody who had never written or wants to be a vigilante, what motivates somebody to be a vigilante, and follow up is the craft of reporting as he was saying, is that getting lost? >> you mean that one person wants to go out and, you know, commit journalism and hold their government accountable? >> what i mean. >> vigilante. >> you need to start. we all started somewhere. you have to just start telling a story and see if you can get traction and get into networks that support you -- >> i'm talking about -- [inaudible] the psychological motivation for somebody to go ahead and do that. >> you never write as well as you write when you're mad. you've got to read it after you do that and
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1